From: Carla Kroger, Founder and CEO, Daily Administration

To: Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Solo-preneurs looking to make a bigger impact.

You are in the RIGHT PLACE if you:

Feel you are missing the right focus, actions and support to complete a large goal,

Are very busy in your business but your business seems to be at a standstill and/or

Are currently experiencing slow or no growth and need to refocus to make bigger impact.


Any of these sound familiar?

If so

Let’s spend some time together focusing on your growth and next actions with a no cost Ready for Growth” consultation.

·         We will review your business’ growth phase and where you are trying to grow

·         Get you clear on your nearest growth goal to get you there, and

·         You will walk away with some next action steps to achieve it.

1:1 Ready for Growth consultation

While I am reviewing your application, be sure to review your Growth Phase Analysis results and start taking action if you have not already.

If I am confident that I can fully support you with a consultation, I or my assistant will contact you to set up a time for us connect in person within 3 business days.

I am looking forward to our chat.

To Your Success


Carla Kroger, Founder and CEO
Daily Administration

Take Our Growth Phase Analysis to Remove Overwhelm Out Of Growing Your Business By Focusing Only On Your Current Growth Phase Needs
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