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"I launched a huge product within a very short period of time, and it was crucially important that all deadlines were met and the work was accurate. No matter what I threw at Carla (and I threw a lot of work at her!) she expertly handled it all and turned the work around quickly

What could have been a stressful experience was actually pretty easy. I highly recommend Carla and her team!"

Heather Lloyd -Martin
SuccessWorks Search Marketing


Terry"She (Carla) adjusts to her clients and works how they need to work."

"You could set your watch by Carla. She does what she says she will do, does it on time and does it well.

She worked on my website, wrote copy, did research and kept me on a timeline. My website makes much more sense now. She also put me in touch with potential speaking engagements. 

Carla is personable, easy to work with and knows how to ask the questions to get the client where he/she needs to be. She follows up, is thorough, thoughtful and dependable. She adjusts to her clients and works how they need to work. Her work is excellent in all categories."

Terry Diebold


"Carla and the Daily Administration team are the only people I go to when I need Virtual Assistant work done (either because I am to busy, or its outside my skill range).  No project is to big or small for the team and with the level of communication I feel like they are in the next room instead of across the internet.  I highly recommend Daily Administration to anyone seeking extra help without the added cost of an additional employee.  She had made several custom forms for use in my business and each one is exactly like my vision.  


As a small business owner we sometimes have visions which are greater than what is possible.  This is not true with Carla's team. They make the impossible, possible

Nicole Rosen

" ...We will continue to use Carla for all of our marketing needs"

"Carla at Daily Administration has provided us with a custom marketing campaign that has proven to be most effective for our site. Her professionalism and patience is unsurpassed!

We will continue to use Carla for all of our marketing needs"

—Jacqueline Oddo

Charlotte Wood

Carla and the staff at Daily Administration helped bring my dream to life! Daily Administration created my speaker’s package, edited my newsletters, posted my articles on the internet, designed my workshop materials, completed research, and even worked in my last minute emergencies.  

Thank you Daily Administration!"

 —Charlotte Wood, 
Tell It to You Face

Business systems testimonial

" that I needed when I needed it."

"Using Daily Administration’s services allowed me to, in affordable way, have access to technical and administrative support that I needed when I needed it.."

Falicia Watlington


"Her knowledge and organization skills would be a great asset to any organization!"
Faith Baby
 “Working with Carla is a joy. She exhibits a high level of competence, keen eye for detail, exceptional speediness and is a true professional.

 Her knowledge and organiza
tion skills would be a great asset to any organization!

Thank you Carla for helping see a clearer picture and balance what is most important to my small business which is growing at a rapid pace… “

Stephanie McGuire
Faith Baby, Inc.

Business systems testimonial

"I now have marketing materials and a system for screening new employees."

"Working with Daily Administration has helped me to reach my business goals and to stay focused on what I enjoy most – meeting new clients.  I now have marketing materials and a system for screening new employees."

Tashia Flucas
tmf Accounting Services

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